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Story of CMcadeiras

Story of CMcadeiras

CMcadeiras is proud to present itself as a family company through many generations.

Located in the city of Rebordosa, since the beginning of the 20th century that this region is known for its tradition in furniture manufacture. Chair production would be made in small warehouses below their homes.

Around the 1940’s, Mr. Manuel Campos starts a small business just like the one described, for wooden chairs. The history of Campos & Filhos starts here, the first company founded by Mr. Manuel Campos.

Around the 1980’s, Campos & Filhos leaves the traditional warehouse and changes its location to the industrial zone of Rebordosa, becoming a full furniture factory.

In 1990, Mr. Manuel Campos together with his sons realises that there is a high demand on the market for chairs. This is how Campos Móvel is founded, a new company, a new factory that is strictly dedicated to wooden chairs.

In 2008, Campos Móvel adopts a new commercial name – Cmcadeiras. By this time, Campos & Filhos has also a new commercial name – Ducampus.

The two companies complement each other on the furniture business, making it an excellent option for the Hotel sector, where you can have your project fully done with us combining the know-how and capacity of both companies.

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