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How to choose fabrics for your Contract and Healthcare projects

How to choose fabrics for your Contract and Healthcare projects

Itís the final touch for any upholstered furniture, and youíve got to balance design with the costs and durability. Thus, making the right choice can often be a challenging task. Itís essential that we know the different materials and their characteristics, so we can adjust the choice of fabrics to the specificities of each project.

We will help you to pick the right one and keep you and your customers happy. To do this, we present you the three main types of fabric that you can choose for your projects:

Real Leather: With a look of authenticity, organic finishes and an iconic aroma, any upholstery will be enriched by the sense of luxury and quality offered by real leather; You can never get two pieces that look the same, each hide is unique; Genuine leather comes with a high price tag; however, it might be worth the extra money because it is very durable, ages well and often looks better the more weathered it becomes.

Faux Leather: Todayís generation of faux leathers bring the best of two worlds, assuring great quality at very competitive prices; Itís an excellent alternative to real leather, carrying a more uniform grain and generally available in more styles and colors than a natural material; A good faux leather is usually characterized by a high abrasion cycle (Martindale test), flame retardant, stain resistant, waterproof, and also have an antimicrobial protection.

Fabrics: Available in a wide range of materials such as velvets, linen, wool or cotton; With different fabrics we get to play with many different styles and textures; It is possible to create a more impactful design with the almost endless options. A material featuring treatments like stain-resistant, waterproof and antimicrobial protection, will have a longer lifespan.

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